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Images: Left and centre: David King. Right: Massey University VERT (Prof. C.B.Riley attending veterinarian)

Workshop outputs

1. AEIMN ANZ meeting highlights (Summary of the stakeholder forum by Josh Slater)

2. Summary of whiteboard and and group session notes


1. Pathways to competence BARTA Jim Green - video (TBC)
2. Pathways to competence BARTA (Powerpoint)

3. Introduction to Human and Animal Behaviour in TLAER  Professor Christopher B Riley

4. Connections   Professor Christopher B Riley

5. Road Transport Incidents  Professor Christopher B Riley

6. Enhancing multiagency collaboration by integrating connection in animal emergency management Dr Hayley Squance

7. Putting incident management into practice: Managing complex rescue operations  David King

8. The Goals achieved for Large Animal Rescue since release of the Winston Churchill Trust 2009 report. A. Hatch

9. Learning by Doing   Rod Stebbing

10. 2022 Floods - what have we learnt?  David King

11. New Zealand Horse Ambulance Trust


1. BARTA Situational Awareness (10 Steps)

2. AFAC Guidelines for Large Animal Rescue Operations  (A draft was presented, the link is for final approved version)


1. ACMAIM201 Contribute to safety at incidents involving large animals
2. ACMAIM202 Participate in an incident involving large animals

3. ACMAIM301 Use manual techniques to safely move large animals

4. ACMAIM302 Perform technical large animal rescue

5. ACMAIM306 Lead a team responding to a large animal incident

6. ACMAIM402 Develop a large animal incident response plan for an organisation

7. ACMAIM403 Undertake complex operations at incidents involving large animals

8. ACMSS00018 Large Animal Incident Awareness Skill Set

9. ACMSS00019 Large Animal Incident Team Member Skill Set

10.ACMSS00020 Large Animal Incident Specialist Skill Set

Animal Emergency Incident Management Network ANZ  Stakeholder Forum 
Face to face meeting  6-7 May 2022

Stronger-Together: Future directions of animal emergency incident management

Hosted and sponsored by the
University of Melbourne National Centre for Animal Emergency Management
Learning and Teaching Building  250 Princes Highway, Werribee, Victoria Australia.

Program Overview

Friday 6 May 9.00 am -5.00 pm

Welcome, and acknowledgement of country  MC- Josh Slater                

Opening message    Dr Graeme Cooke, Chief Veterinary Officer, Victoria

Why does Australia and New Zealand need AEIMN ANZ?   SSSS
Follow on from UC Davis Conference: Introduction to AEIMN ANZ Josh Slater
What brings veterinarians together now?   Christine Smith
What brings emergency services together now Anthony Hatch


Opportunities to influence the future of animal emergency incident management: Policy setting.   Large Animal Rescue Operations Guideline (ANZ) National, state and organisational policy and procedures  Australian/NZ    David King


 Network stakeholders round table session   
Priorities and hot topics from each participant   Josh Slater

 Extending our reach and impact: collaborations and partnerships   
British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association (BARTA) UK and the International Joint Education  Committee initiative. (pre-recorded)   Jim Green

Connections: A global partnership approach to improving animal and human welfare in disasters and  emergency  incidents.            Chris Riley

Enhancing multiagency collaboration by integrating connection in animal emergency management Hayley Squance

Building blocks: How animal incident management should work- theory and reality  Chris Riley 

Where next for animal emergency incident management (gaps, needs and solutions)  Workshop sessions  Josh Slater

New Zealand Horse Ambulance Trust     Peter Gillespie                                          


Practical session: Putting incident management into practice  Practical teamworking scenario with a mannequin horse.              David King

Saturday 7 May 9 - 12.30 pm

Learning by doing: After Action Reviews  
Introduction to animal behaviours in disaster or incident contexts  Chris Riley

Learning by doing' After Action Reviews   Rod Stebbing

Practical session: The Anatomy of a Rescue: The 'inside story' of the animal rescue technique tool kit  

David King, Christine Smith


Thank you to all presenters

Professors Josh Slater and Christopher Riley, David King, Rod Stebbing & Julie Fiedler (Info here)

Dr Christine Smith  Jim Green  Hayley Squance   Anthony Hatch 

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