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AEIMN (ANZ) Conference 3-4 May 2024 Massey University, Palmerston North, NZ: ‘One Rescue, One Health, One Welfare’

The Board of Directors of the AEIMN (ANZ) has decided to postpone the 2024 AEIMN (ANZ) conference to May 2025. 


The 2025 conference will be held at Massey University and will build on the plans and program for this year’s conference. We have taken this decision because there have many demands on the animal emergency incident management community in NZ over the last months and there have also been some major animal welfare conferences in the region during 2024. We would like to create space and time for the AEIMN ANZ conference so that all those involved with animal emergency incident management in the region have the opportunity to attend and to maximise the conference’s benefit to the community. We are very grateful to our local organisers for all their hard work, the delegates who have registered for the 2024 conference and to this year’s conference sponsors. We are looking forwards to working closely with our local organisers and sponsors to plan the 2025 AEIMN (ANZ) conference in NZ. See you at Massey next year!

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